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Enjoi. Conceived by Marc Johnson in 2000, the brand was launched as a way to remind people that at the core, skateboarding should be fun. Before leaving Enjoi to skate for Chocolate, circa 2003, Johnson recruited a team friends to make up the initial team roster including Rodney Mullen, Jerry Hsu, Dave Mayhew, Bobby Puleo, Louie Barletta and, for a short time, Chris Cole. From there, Enjoi began its reign of delightful absurdity and great skateboarding. Their 2006 video, Bag Of Suck, earned “Best Video” at the TransWorld Awards and “Best Video Part” for Jerry Hsu’s 12-minute, two song ender. Their next video, Tweak The Beef, featured new teammates Ben Raemers, Clark Hassler, Cairo Foster, Caswell Berry, Nestor Judkins, and Wieger Van Wageningen getting wicked. After 16-years of panda-monium, Enjoi’s mission hasn’t changed—have fun or get out.

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