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Country: United States

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Date of Birth: October 5, 1998

Zack Wallin lists John Cardiel and Heath Kirchart as some of his biggest inspirations, so it’s no surprise that he loves going as big and as fast as he can when he skates. Zack hooked up with the Enjoi team on a trip to Spain in 2008, where Louie Barletta invited him to be a part of the squad. After parts in Tilt Mode Bonus Round and Enjoi’s Tweak The Beef, Zack landed himself on the June 2014 cover of TransWorld with a street-wide kickflip that took him five months to land. His thirst for huge gaps wasn’t quenched, though, as he then launched a nollie backside 180 off the infamous Wallenberg Four. Moments after landing it, he was surprised with his first pro model for Enjoi. Both of those huge tricks made his part in Enjoi’s Oververt and were highlights of that video and secured Zack’s name next to his idols on the list of skateboarding’s gnarliest.

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