Here’s the official athlete invite list for the winter Dew Tour heading to Copper Mountain March 8-10, 2024. Expect over 80 of the world’s best riders to gather at the athlete’s mountain for an entire weekend of progressive competition and style in superpipe and streetstyle. Not to mention, both arenas are easily accessible to fans and spectators to view for FREE from the base of Copper’s Center Village.

The list of invited athletes below is who you can expect at Copper Mountain and watch live on Check back frequently, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and, or download the Dew Tour App for more updates.

Women and Men Ski

Women’s Ski Superpipe
Eileen Gu (confirmed)
Rachael Karker (confirmed)
Zoe Atkin (confirmed)
Amy Fraser (confirmed)
Svea Irving (confirmed)
Dillan Glennie (confirmed Alternate)
Riley Jacobs (confirmed Alternate)

Men’s Ski Superpipe
Brendan Mackay (confirmed)
David Wise (confirmed)
Aaron Blunck (confirmed)
Alex Ferreira (confirmed)
Jon Sallinen (confirmed)
Birk Irving (confirmed)
Hunter Hess (confirmed)
Nick Goepper (confirmed)
Tristan Feinberg (confirmed alternate)
Andrew Longino (confirmed alternate)

Women’s Ski Streetstyle
Lisa Zimmermann (confirmed)
Marion Balsamo (confirmed)
Alexa Juncaj (confirmed)
Taylor Lundquist (confirmed)
Jenni Lee (confirmed)
Ellie DeRosier (confirmed)
Drew Hooker (confirmed)
Dasha Agafonova (confirmed)
Finley Good (confirmed)
Isabella Tvede (confirmed)
Eileen Gu (confirmed)
Rell Harwood (confirmed)
Audrey Friess (confirmed alternate)
Rylie Warnick (invited alternate)

Men’s Ski Streetstyle
Alex Hall (confirmed)
Tucker FitzSimons (confirmed)
Colby Stevenson (confirmed)
Mat Dufresne (confirmed)
Cal Carson (confirmed)
Andrew Egan (confirmed)
Siver Voll (confirmed)
Oscar Weary (confirmed)
Harald Hellstrom (confirmed)
Jackson Karsteter (confirmed)
Sam Zahner (confirmed)
Cody Laplante (confirmed)
Alex Hackel (invited alternate)
Pete Koukov (invited alternate)

Women and Men Snowboard

Women’s Snowboard Superpipe
Mitsuki Ono (confirmed)
Maddie Mastro (confirmed)
Elizabeth Hosking (confirmed)
Sonora Alba (confirmed)
Queralt Castellet (confirmed)
Jiayu Liu (confirmed)
Bea Kim (confirmed)
Patti Zhou (confirmed)
Sena Tomita (confirmed alternate)

Men’s Snowboard Superpipe
Danny Davis (confirmed)
Scotty James (confirmed)
Ayumu Hirano (confirmed)
Ruka Hirano (confirmed)
Chase Josey (confirmed)
Kaishu Hirano (confirmed)
Lucas Foster (confirmed)
Chase Blackwell (confirmed)
Yuto Totsuka (confirmed alternate)
Shuichiro Shigeno (invited alternate)

Women’s Snowboard Streetstyle
Alexis Roland (confirmed)
Egan Wint (confirmed)
Jill Perkins (confirmed)
Grace Warner (confirmed)
Iris Pham (confirmed)
Kaleah Opal (confirmed)
Madison Blackley (confirmed)
Jaylen Hansen (confirmed)
Lauren Derminio (confirmed)
Mia Brookes (confirmed)
Veda Hallen (invited)
Sierra Forchheimer (invited)

Men’s Snowboard Streetstyle
Nate Haust (confirmed)
Benny Milam (confirmed)
Darcy Sharpe (confirmed)
Brandon Davis (confirmed)
Nik Baden (confirmed)
Luke Winkelmann (confirmed)
Sam Taxwood (confirmed)
Pat Fava (confirmed)
Sam Klein (confirmed)
Frank Jobin (confirmed)
Joey Fava (confirmed)
Zak Hale (confirmed)
Liam Brearley (confirmed alternate)
Miles Fallon (invited alternate)

**List updated on 2/20/24**

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