The top 12 ams from all over the world battled it out this morning at the2017 Dew Tour Amateur Contest in Long Beach, California. Everyone brought their capital-A game, but in the end there can only be one winner, and it was Almost’s Tyson Bowerbank taking top honors, with Santa Cruz’s Maurio McCoy in second, and Real’s Jack Olson at third.


1.) Tyson Bowerbank (249.60)

2..) Maurio McCoy (246.00)

3.) Jack Olson (241.80)

4.) Axel Cruysberghs (238.00)

5.) Trevor McClung (237.20)

6.) Ivan Monteito (236.00)

7.) Alex Midler (224.40)

8.) Henry Gartland (222.80)

9.) Jamie Foy (216.20)

10.) Nate Greenwood (212.00)

11.) Zion Wright (198.20)

12.) Gabriel Fortunado (189.00)

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