The Am Bowl contest wrapped up this morning at Dew Tour Long Beach 2017, and when the bowl dust settled it was Australia’s own Keegan Palmer who emerged victorious. Am contests are almost like a glimpse into the future—you’re getting a sneak peek at the pros of tomorrow.

Second place winner Tate Carew skated hard all weekend. He finished first in the semifinals, and kept up the pace all through the finals.

One of the biggest surprises of the contest was third-place finisher Gavin Bottger. Hailing from Oceanside, California, and only ten years old, Bottger dropped in, and dropped jaws. He skated with a power, trick selection and style never before seen on such a youngster. He had one of those sessions where everyone walked away knowing they’d be seeing him on podiums for years to come.

There’s more skating to come, all weekend long, so come on down to the Long Beach Convention Center, and have a Dew Tour Experience all your own!


1.) Keegan Palmer (87.40)

2.) Tate Carew (84.20)

3.) Gavin Bottger (79.00)

4.) CJ Collins (77.00)

5.) Roman Pabich (73.00)

6.) Mikee O’Friel (71.40)

7.) Jake Wooten (71.00)

8.) Jett Eaton (64.20)

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