The best of the best went head-to-head all day today at the Dew Tour, in several grueling semifinal heats on all three courses. After hours of amazing skating, the 12 semifinalists were whittled down to 6. Those half-dozen skaters then went at it AGAIN, on the superfinal course.

The superfinal course is a modified version of the gaps course, with custom ramps, rails, and features from Stanley tools (so you KNOW they’re built to last!). The top 6 skated a final 8–minute heat, and when all was said and done, Kelvin Hoefler took home first place.

The pros really turned on the juice in the superfinals, nailing the most difficult tricks with ease and consistency. Blind’s Micky Papa kickflip 5050’ed the modified bump to bar, and Tommy Fynn ollied up the gap others went down, but it was really down to four skaters: O’Neill, Huston, Horigame, and Hoefler.

Shane O’Neill breezed around the course with his many, many signature moves, like 360 double kickflips, and Yuto Horigame made himself a household name in the states, with freakish consistency and deadpan delivery. Nyjah Huston was a top contender for sure, but in the end it was Kelvin Hoefler and his Cab back tail down the big rail that landed him in first place at the 2017 Dew Tour.

The Zumiez Destroyer Award is yet another coveted accolade that’s given out to all the unsung heroes of the weekend. For the Pro Street Contest, it was Alec Majerus, for general all-around ripping.

Even though there was only one winner, everyone walked away with something to celebrate—swag, new friends, memories, or trophies.

Dew Tour 2017 Pro Street Results

1.) Kelvin Hoefler (95.40)

2.) Nyjah Huston (93.00)

3.) Yuto Horigame (91.40)

4.) Shane O’Neill (89.20)

5.) Micky Papa (84.20)

6.) Tommy Fynn (80.60)

Zumiez Destroyer Award: Alec Majerus

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