There are only a handful of days during the pre-season lull that leaves athletes some time to do as they please. As Jake Pates gets ready for his upcoming winter and competitive circuit, we had a chance to hang with him on one of these down days in his hometown of Eagle, Colorado. 

One of the most pivotal moments in Jake’s career was his Dew Tour debut in 2017 where he took first place in the halfpipe, securing his spot on the US Olympic Snowboarding team, and sending him to compete in the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games. At 21 years of age, Jake has a lot of great things ahead of him, along with the skills and talent to get them done. 

In this episode, we’re also joined by his brother Cole Pates, as well as fellow USA Snowboard teammate Chase Josey, on a casual, aimless day. Stay tuned for more Aimless episodes to come, right here on


About Aimless:
What’s a day in the life of your favorite athlete like? We decided to find out. Between traveling for weeks at a time, premiere tours, video projects, competitions, and more, daily life for an athlete can be unorthodox. With no external pressures or plans, we’ll document their day as it naturally unfolds and provides a glimpse into a lifestyle not often seen by the spotlight, creating a unique chance to see how your favorite skiers, snowboarders, and skaters thrive in their own personal environments.

Film and Edit: Collin Schwartz
Additional Film: Cole Pates
Music: @d0pe.boss

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