It’s always nice to be home for the holidays. In our latest episode of Aimless, we make the voyage to catch up with Red Gerard in Silverthorne, Colorado. Red’s got some strong family ties which bring him to Colorado quite often. Another upside to this is that he’s got a home base right in the mountains, especially helpful as the contest season quickly approaches. Calling this his downtime might give the wrong impression here; Red’s schedule is still stacked, even in the off-season. There’s fundraising breakfasts, interviews with the local paper, family time, and more to juggle. Take a glimpse into what a typical day is like for the Olympic Gold Medalist as we meet Red’s family, cruise to Copper for some hot laps, and of course check out his famed backyard snowboarding park. Stay tuned for more Aimless episodes to come, right here on


About Aimless:

What’s a day in the life of your favorite athlete like? We decided to find out. Between traveling for weeks at a time, premiere tours, video projects, competitions, and more, daily life for an athlete can be unorthodox. With no external pressures or plans, we’ll document their day as it naturally unfolds and provides a glimpse into a lifestyle not often seen by the spotlight, creating a unique chance to see how your favorite skiers, snowboarders, and skaters thrive in their own personal environments.

Film and Edit: Collin Schwartz
Additional Film: Ian Macy
Music: @milesbandit

Additional footage provided by:
Joy Snowboarding Film // Homestead Creative
TransWorld SNOWboarding // Theo Muse

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