Before finals got underway at Dew Tour Copper 2021, we had the chance to speak with USA’s ski superpipe contender Alex Ferreira. Coming off of a win the previous weekend from the U.S. Grand Prix at Copper Mountain, Alex was feeling amped coming into another competition. Little did he know at the time that he would close out the weekend with another top podium finish. We caught up with the Dew Tour champion to get his take on what he’s been listening to this winter season, what he was playing during his first win, and a curated playlist in his latest On Rotation interview.

What are you listening to while competing?
My favorite type of music to compete to is definitely EDM. Anything with a high BPM, I’m crazy like that, I guess. Outside of competition or just hanging around with the guys, definitely classic rock, reggae, pretty much anything that sounds good and hits the ear nice.

Who are some EDM artists you’re listening to while here at Dew Tour?
I’m currently listening to a Wolfie by Golden Features and featuring Julia Stone, Running by Nyxen, Red Light Green Light by Duke Dumont, Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels by Todrick Hall, Overdrive by Hippie Sabotage, and Ridin Thru (Red Eyez) by DJ smokey. So stuff like that.

Do you remember who had playing last weekend during the Grand Prix?
Absolutely, I went a little bit different, actually. I went with the Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve. It’s a little bit more mellow, but I don’t know it kind of just felt like the vibe you got to go with whatever is feeling good that day.

alex ferreira music
Photo Credit: Walter

Explain your competition day playlist routine. Do you have a single playlist you hit shuffle on, or do you usually have it down to one song?
Yeah, I used to listen to the same three songs but lately, Spotify has the Discover Weekly feature, so I’ll take all the best tracks from there. Then I’ll add it to my own playlist called Discover Weekly Bops. Which is an overall playlist of all the best Discover Weekly’s and that’s what I’ve been rocking with and It’s been good so far.

Did you do one of those 2021 Spotify Wrapped? It shows you what genre, artist, and songs you have listened to the most this past year?
Actually, I haven’t done one of those, but I should! That’s a good idea.

Where did your inspiration for EDM music come from?
Honestly, it just fires me up. The first time I went out to a Euro nightclub, they were playing such good EDM, and I was like, Oh God, I got to ski to this.

alex ferreira music
Photo Credit: Walter

Have you ever been to an EDM festival?
I’ve actually never been to any festivals. I would love to go. I was talking about it with my girlfriend the other day. We would like to go it be fun.

What do you and the rest of the USA Ski team like to listen to while in the gym?
In the gym, I’ll just go with random playlists usually, a bunch of EDM will come on or anything that just gets you fired up and hyped that gets the blood pumping. Sometimes some rap. Rap is really good for biking, I found.

alex ferreira
Photo Credit: Durso

Any video parts that inspired you?
The biggest ski movie that I saw that really changed my whole world was Teddybear Crisis. I don’t even know the type of music they’re playing, but it changed my life.

What would you choose if you could use any song for a video part rights-free?
I always thought it would be cool to use something from The Highwaymen with Willie Nelson and all those guys. It’s just such a classic and so many legends within the band, and I think It could be really well done, especially in Colorado, with the mountains and a country vibe.

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