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Country: United States

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

Date of Birth: May 27, 1985

Terry Kennedy, aka TK, aka Compton Ass Terry, has been a hustler on and off his skateboard. TK officially popped onto the skate scene with his part in Baker 3 in 2005, which served as a Welcome Home part following a stint on Element Skateboards. Baker 3 offered the world of skateboarding their first true glimpse of TK’s light-hearted, charismatic personality and impressive regular and fakie handrail skills. Skaters also heard their first track from his rap group, Fly Society, which today includes a clothing line complete with a skate team to rep it. Not only has TK made a name for himself as a pro skateboarder and rapper, in 2010 he landed his own reality TV show on BET called Being Terry Kennedy and told the world his story while he showed them how he lived. Additionally, he has had major appearances ranging from a video game character in skate. and he acted in the drama movie Street Dreams. No matter how much recognition TK received from his side ventures, it has always come back to skating with him. When you have the ability to hop onto any given handrail like TK, it’s just natural to get back on the board.

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