From California’s Ryan Sheckler to Porto Alegre’s Luan Oliviera, the world’s best skateboarders showed up to slay the four new courses for day two of practice at Dew Tour Long Beach.

With new competition formats came new course layouts, and with new course layouts came the best skateboarders in early for as much practice as they could get. The four course are broken up by obstacles to make specific sections for tech, rails, transition and gaps, but only skaters entered in the Pro Competition compete on every section. For the Team Challenge, skateboard brands will select different skaters to take on the different sections, which means they will have to rely on each other if they want to earn the Dew Tour title.

Day two around Dew Tour consisted of fresh and familiar faces finding their way down to the Long Beach Convention Center for their first look around the new venue, but as soon as the skaters saw the various courses ready to be rode it quickly became a heated session among the homeys.

Click through the gallery above for a taste of the action that unfolded for day two of practice.


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