X Games Aspen 2019 Ski Superpipe and Slopestyle Winning Runs

If you missed the live broadcast of X Games Aspen 2019 over the weekend here are the winning ski superpipe and slopestyle winning runs.

Men’s Superpipe

Photo: Chris O’Connell

1.) Alex Ferreira
2.) David Wise
3.) Nico Porteous

Alex Ferreira

David Wise

Nico Porteous

Women’s Superpipe

Photo: Chris O’Connell

1.) Cassie Sharpe
2.) Kelly Sildaru
3.) Rachael Karker

Cassie Sharpe

Kelly Sildaru

Rachael Karker

Men’s Slopestyle

Photo: Chris O’Connell

1.) Alex Hall
2.) Alex Beaulieu-Marchand
3.) Ferdinand Dahl

Alex Hall

Alex Beaulieu-Marchand

Ferdinand Dahl

Women’s Slopestyle

Photo: Chris O’Connell

1.) Kelly Sildaru
2.) Sarah Hoefflin
3.) Maggie Voisin

Kelly Sildaru

Sarah Hoefflin

Maggie Voisin

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