Team USA took the top honors in the halfpipe at the World Cup in Cardona, New Zealand. In the end, it was Chloe Kim who turned out a first place-winning run with Kelly Clark and Maddie Mastro following in second and third. Check out Chloe’s winning run above and be sure to scrub through to watch Maddie and Kelly’s run.

1.) Chloe Kim 90.50
2.) Kelly Clark 88.00
3.) Maddie Mastro 83.25
4.) Mirabelle Thovex 76.75
5.) Hikaru Oe 72.00
6.) Xuetong Cai 54.00
7.) Sophie Rodriguez 76.50
8.) Haruna Matsumoto 76.25
9.) Elena Hight 75.25
10.) Sena Tomita 74.50

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