Adaptive skateboarders took first laps on finals day at Dew Tour Des Moines to showcase a variety of styles, ages, and abilities, especially on the street course. The all-terrain Brazilian, Felipe Nunes ripped his way to take back-to-back top honors on the day.

The Men’s Adaptive Street Final featured 12 distinct styles, with each athlete taking three, 40-second runs. Creative hits and exciting energy pushed each athlete to their limits.

American 10-year-old Josh Tancos was the youngest competitor of the entire Dew Tour event, and he came out firing with kickflip to set up to ollie the 11-stair. Tancos also stomped a feeble grind on the round bar to set himself for a 50-50 backside 180 out and even a frontside 180 down the Tin Tok double set. Tancos finished just off the podium in fourth, respectively.

Results – Men’s Adaptive Street Finals presented by Toyota USA

  1. Felipe Nunes
  2. Brandon White
  3. Vincinos Sardi

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