Steven Breeding—better known as Lefty—is a San Diego local and calls Ocean Beach home to his hesh shredding. Despite losing his right arm in a car accident at 13 years old, Lefty continued to push and does so with a refined style of his own. Lefty can skate it all, whether navigating the transition of OB skatepark or flipping his board around DTSD. In our latest episode of Setups, we got a rundown on the type of skateboard gear and specs Lefty opts for that works best for his style of riding. Hear it from the man himself above and scroll down below for an itemized list of all his gear.

Steven Breeding’s Skateboard Setups

Skateboard: 8.6 Peter Raffin Creature pro model
Grip tape: Mob Grip
Trucks: 159 Independent titanium trucks
Hardware: Lawn Chair
Bearings: Bronson Speed Co.
Wheels: 54mm Spitfire Formula Four Classics 99a duro
Shoes: DC Shoes Manual Hi Cepeda model
Sunglasses: Spy
Apparel: Loser Machine

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