In this segment of Setups, we sit down with Brazilian park ripper Luiz Francisco. A common theme in skateboarding these days is friends coming together to start their own brand to help support each other and create something for themselves. Luiz’s case is no different in the deck department as he shows us his skateboard brand Blurry Skate Co. and one of the first boards they have produced out of Brazil. Get the full scoop on Luiz’s skateboard gear as he runs through it all in the video above, and check out an itemized list of all his components below.

Luiz Francisco’s Skateboard Setup

Skateboard: 8.25 Blurry Skate Co.
Trucks: 144 Independent Hallows
Wheels: 55mm Spitfire Classics
Bearings: Bronson Speed Co. Raw
Grip tape: Grizzly Griptape
Apparel: Volcom

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