This summer marks the release of Ryan Sheckler‘s first feature-length film, Rolling Away, and full-length solo skateboarding video part, Lifer. Rolling Away follows Ryan’s three-year, injury-fought journey of filming Lifer, the action sport icon’s most monumental video part to date.

An inspiring tale that celebrates skateboarding and the length one will go to achieve their goals, “Rolling Away” also chronicles Ryan Sheckler’s prolific skateboarding career. With icons such as Tony Hawk, Paul Rodriguez, Geoff Rowley, and Klay Thompson offering first-hand commentary about Ryan’s talents and life in the spotlight: From pre-teen phenom, MTV kid, and mainstream celebrity, to seasoned pro athlete and mentor that continues to perform at an elite level, the film captures Ryan’s lifelong commitment to skateboarding.

“I’ve been skating for almost 31 years, and now I’m 33 years old. It’s crazy to think about it that way, but that’s what Rolling Away and Lifer is all about. It’s the culmination of my journey with skateboarding and proof that it’s unlike any other sport,” said Sheckler.” Skaters will continue to push the limits of what’s possible, and that’s why this was such a labor of love. This is my statement as a skateboarder.”

Get your tickets to the red carpet world premiere for Rolling Away and Lifer in Los Angeles on July 27, 2023, with a Q&A following the screening hosted by Selema Masekela and Ryan Sheckler. Rolling Away and Lifer will be released online worldwide on July 28.

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