Head 2 Head: Raibu Katayama Vs. Taylor Gold Air to Fakie

Style matters. It’s not to be forgotten among the spins that push the limits of superpipe riding and what the human body is capable of. Some of the best styles that come out of the 22-foot walled pipe don’t involve spins, just like these air-to-fakies from Raibu Katayama and Taylor Gold from the superpipe at Copper Mountain during the 2023 Winter Dew Tour. Both make for picturesque photos captured by Mark Clavin and Shaina Joel.

raibu katayama
Photo Credit: Joel
Raibu Katayama starts off his run with a massive air to fakie.
raibu katayama taylor gold
Photo Credit: Clavin
Before ending his run, Taylor Gold setups with a huge air to fakie.

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