In this installment of Setups, we get under the hood and into the mechanics of Murilo Peres’ skateboard gear. Like most Brazilian powerhouse bowl skaters, Murilo has a knack for hauling through corners, across coping, and high above decks make him a ripping standout. As a result of his marvelous work on transition goes to question the skateboard he wields under his feet. Get Murilo’s skateboard size, trucks, wheels, and more specs as he reveals them in the Setups video above, and scroll below for an itemized list of all his skateboard gear.

Murilo Peres Skateboard Setup

Skateboard: 8.38 Baker skateboards
Wheels: 53mm Bones wheels
Trucks: 149 Independent
Griptape: Mob Grip
Bearings: Bronson
Hardware: Independent
Shoes: Vans Old School

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