Tech rail tricks and consistency helped Lex Hernandez-Roland defend their Dew Tour Streetstyle title as they went undefeated from the 2021 and 2023 winter seasons. Hailing from Minneapolis, where tow-rope slopes like Hyland Hills shaped and sharpened Lex’s skills. With abilities that match 10,000 hours of practice time, Lex’s snowboard gear and personal preferences are just as crucial to their success. Get a glimpse into Lex’s snowboard setup and choice of Nitro snowboard gear, O’Neill outerwear, and Giro helmet that make them feel comfortable rails in the Setups video above.

Lex Hernandez Roland Snowboard Setup

Snowboard: 142cm Nitro Mercy
Stiffness: 7 out of 10
Bindings: Nitro Ivy
Angles: +9 front / -12 back
Outerwear: O’Neill
Helmet: Giro
Goggles: Giro
Boots: Faint TLS Nitro
Headwear: Alleged Air


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