An hour south of the famous Skatepark of Tampa is the small town of Osprey that Jake Ilardi calls home. Florida has produced a handful of the best skateboarders including Andrew Reynolds, Elissa Steamer, Rodney Mullen and, more recently, Jamie Foy and Zion Wright, to name a few. Jake is among those mentioned and has the accolades to back it when he went pro for Blind Skateboards in 2020, just a year before going onto the Olympic stage in Tokyo representing Team USA. One word to describe Jake’s style is casual as he just casually blunt slides down some of the steepest rails out there. It’s been seen what Jake brings to competitions as he’s also known for some pretty incomprehensible rail work.

While Jake Ilardi still resides in Florida, he makes the occasional trip to California for filming missions and stays productive, making the most of his days. While on a recent trip, Jake linked up with videographer and USA Skateboarding Team Manager Josh Peacock over two days and captured some of Jake’s routines, getting after the streets for clips and goals Jake has in mind for 2024.

Filmed by Josh Peacock
Edit by Collin Schwartz

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