20-year-old Grace Marhoefer is known for her skateboarding forte in the park but doesn’t limit herself from taking creative approaches in the streets. This past summer, Grace landed two podium positions on terrain quite the opposite from each other, first at Cowtown’s Phoenix Am and a few months later at X Games Venture. With a banner summer and a stream of ripping Instagram clips, we wondered, what skateboard setup does she run to do it all? Grace finally lets us in on her skateboarding gear as she breaks down her favorite Welcome skateboard shape and size, custom Independent truck tweaks, preferred Spitfire wheels, and more in her latest Setups video.

Grace Marhoefer’s Skateboard Setup

Skateboard: 8.5 Welcome Skateboard Ryan Townley Pro Model
Grip Tape: Mob Grip
Trucks: 149 Independent Hallow
Bushings: Bones medium
Wheels: 54mm Spitfire Formula Four Conical Full 99DU
Bearings: Bones Swiss

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