He is famous for his kickflip down the infamous El Toro stair set and his impeccable skills on a mini ramp; Dave Bachinsky has come a long way since his first encounter with a skateboard in Lowell, Massachusetts, and since turning pro at 16. Decades later, Dave has branched out from being just a pro and has found skills that still involve his love for skateboarding in other forms. What first started as skateboard picture frames for friends around 2014 launched into Shapethree— handcrafted art, custom cutting boards, shelves, canoe paddles, and everything else in between made from upcycled skateboards. Dave’s creative mind didn’t stop there, and more recently launched Roll Forever— a space where skateboarding, NFTs, and art collide. Get a detailed look into Dave’s world as he chronicles his time from his first time competing at Dew Tour and beyond to where he’s at now.

Video and edit by Collin Schwartz

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