We’ll be the first to admit that contests in the action sports world showcase just a sliver of the vastly different types of athletes and riding styles that exist in the culture. Will Berman is the perfect example of the modern day renaissance man and professional athlete who doesn’t limit himself to being defined by just one outdoor activity. While he did make his start by competing at regional events and has taken part in Dew Tour’s Streetstyle and Team Challenge events, Will is better known for his style in the streets and the hard work that comes with stacking clips season after season for Faction Skis and Level 1, just to name a few. Currently a resident of Steamboat, Colorado, Will has access to Copper Mountain’s spring camp and an abundance of outdoor activities that occupy his time during the offseason. Get to know what a day is like for Will as he invites us for a full day of activities in his latest Aimless episode.

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