In this installment of Head 2 Head, we have two of Japan’s skateboard stars, Cocona Hiraki and Sakura Yosozumi. We take a closer look at their tricks on the MTN DEW extension and the differences that may go unnoticed between a lien to tail and crailslide. Charging the mound first is Cocona with a lien to tail and take note as she approaches the top of the coping and rotates, her leading hand grabs onto the nose holding on till her tail locks in for a stall and releasing upon dropping back in. Next, we look at the crailslide, where when Sakura starts to make it to the coping and begins to rotate grabs the nose of her board with her trailing hand, crosses it across her body, and locks in her tail on the coping. The minor discrepancies between which hand grabs the nose make all the difference between these two moves. Nonetheless, both were executed with precision by Cocona and Sakura.

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