Hailing from the tow rope slopes around Michigan, skier Alexa Juncaj is a rail and jib enthusiast with skills that earned her a ticket to her first Dew Tour event in 2023. Her breakout debut on the streetstyle course amazed fans and judges alike with controlled surface swaps and spin-outs. To better understand how Alexa rides so smoothly, we got a detailed breakdown of her ski gear and the best setup for riding rails and stomping landings.

Alexa Juncai Ski Setup

Skis: 164cm Line Tom Wallisch Pro
Binding: Marker Griffon
Din: 7
Boots: Full Tilt Soul Sister
Gloves: Leathers Mittens
Helmet: Giro Emerge
Jacket: Planks All Time Insulated Jacket
Pants: Planks James Woodsy Signature Series
Goggles: Giro Ella
Face mask: Blackstrap Hood Balaclava


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