Last week we compiled a list of the top five ranked female park skateboarders in the world to look out for in the upcoming Olympic qualifying season. Rounding out our lists of top-ranked skateboarders in the world are the male park athletes. With the Tokyo Summer Games postponed until 2021 and a full Olympic qualifying season to go, rankings and a country’s team could change drastically. For now, here are the current top five globally ranked men’s park skaters to look out for. In the upcoming Olympic qualifying season, these are the names that will potentially be competing at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Heimana Reynolds
Photo Credit: Kanights
Heimana Reynolds

1.) Heimana Reynolds (USA)
USA’s Heimana Reynolds, aka the Flying Hawaiian, currently leads the pack with two back-to-back first place podiums from the International Skateboarding Open (ISO) Nanjing and the Oi Sao Paulo Park World Championship in the 2019 qualifying season.

Luiz Francisco
Photo Credit: Knaights

2.) Luiz Francisco (BRA)
Attending all four of the 2019 qualifying season competitions, Brazilian Luiz Francisco landed himself two back-to-back second-place podiums. A fierce contender and relatively unknown ripper has risen through the ranks and is highly likely to stick around.

Cory Juneau
Photo Credit: Kanights
Cory Juneau

3.) Cory Juneau (USA)
A fan and judge favorite, Cory Juneau oozes style with fast carves and classic coping tactics. His signature mile-long frontside boardslides and skyscraper-high frontside no-grab kickflips are a stunning sight to see.

Pedro Barros

4.) Pedro Barros (BRA)
Pedro Barros emerged like a bat out of hell at the first Olympic qualifier stop at Dew Tour Long Beach in 2019. Barros took first place at Dew Tour by bettering his already incredible run on his final attempt.

Keegan Palmer

5.) Keegan Palmer (AUS)
Keegan Palmer wrapped up the 2019 qualifying season with a first-place finish at the National Championship on his home turf in Australia. Keegan seems like he was born to ride a skateboard and possesses a solid mix of both modern and classic tricks, like the Madonna.

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