Women’s Slopestyle qualifiers were called off on Wednesday due to weather, taking it straight to finals today. It was pretty cold, which is tough to compete in, but the ladies still managed to throw down.

women's ski slopestyle final
Photo Credit: Walter
Tess Ledeux.

Speed was a tough factor on the field, resulting in a few heavy knuckles on the jumps. It resulted in a lot of the athletes changing their plans for their run to compensate for the speed. It’s much more difficult to keep up speed when riding switch due to air resistance, so we likely saw a lot more forward takeoff than we would have otherwise.

women's ski slopestyle final
Photo Credit: Walter
Eileen Gu.

There was quite a bit of style in the finals today, with heavy hitters like Mathilde Gremaud and Bella Bacon adding a bit of spice to the mix. Bacon has been one to watch, with nominations for Breakthrough of the Year and Skier of the Year in this year’s Newschoolers awards. Marin Hamill is another style master, who had some super clean runs.

Johanne Killi
Photo Credit: Walter
Johanne Killi.

“Dew Tour is such a fun contest, it’s way less uptight and competitive than other ones, which is nice. The girls especially are really pushing it with both way dubs in training. It’s affecting the overall way we have to ski. With the judges focusing on spins more, it draws away from style in the contest setting a bit- but I love it. It’s so sick to see girls pushing so hard,” Hamill noted in regards to what we saw today in the finals.

Marin Hamill.

Some standout tricks were a really sick dub flat seven japan by Jay Riccomini, a right cork seven mute by the up and coming young gun Kirsty Muir, and a right rodeo nine safety by Swiss queen Mathilde Gremaud.

Tess Ledeux did a switch two on pretzel two out, and a switch right bio nine safety that helped secure her the top spot. Eileen Gu, who was only hours off her Superpipe gold medal, did a really sick run with a k-fed and a switch left bio nine grabbing blunt.

Tess Ledeux, Eileen Gu, Johanne Killi, Mathilde Gremaud, Guila Tanno, Sarah Hoefflin, Kirsty Muir, Marin Hamill, Grace Henderson, Bella Bacon, Jay Riccomini, and Marion Balsamo.

Full Women’s Ski Slopestyle Final Results

  1. Tess Ledeux, 91.50
  2. Eileen Gu, 89.00
  3. Johanne Killi, 86.00
  4. Mathilde Gremaud, 85.50
  5. Giulia Tanno, 85.25
  6. Sarah Hoefflin, 85.00
  7. Kirsty Muir, 82.50
  8. Marin Hamill, 78.25
  9. Grace Henderson, 77.00
  10. Bella bacon, 76.00
  11. Jay Riccomini, 74.50
  12. Marion Balsamo, 25.00

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