Pedro Barros Beats Cory Juneau with Last Run in Men’s Park Final at Dew Tour Long Beach 2019

Brazilian bests American and Australian for United States Olympic Qualifier podium.

Pedro Barros. Photo: Kanights

Ending out the weekend on an extremely high note, the Men’s Park Final aired out the lungs of Long Beach by soliciting a standing and screaming ovation at the end of Dew Tour 2019. The weeklong fight for Olympic qualification points came to the ultimate climax during the final battle in the bowl.

Cory Juneau. Photo: MRZ

Scattered in and around the most packed crowd of the entire weekend, pops with pop and the godfather’s of pool and park skating were celebrating Dad’s Day with their kids. Christian Hosoi, Omar Hassan and Pat Ngoho were just a couple of rad dads on site with their kids.

Keegan Palmer. Photo: MRZ

Another dad was identified just off the deck of the bowl when his son, Heimana Reynolds leaned over to give him a hug directly after one of his runs. Reynolds was riding every inch of the bowl and impressing the crowds with huge frontside airs, lengthy stalls while inverting on the Mountain Dew Can extension, and showcasing his surfed out style with  atweaked out layback power slide on the mellow ramp.

Luiz Francisco. Photo: Kanights

The opposite of laid back surf style, Jaime Mateu showed the crowed what rock and roll on a skateboard looks like. Mateu’s wild style was hardly able to be contained, and because he did not make a complete start to finish run he wasn’t able to finish higher than seventh place. Still, his nollie backside 180 off of the 9′ quarter pipe into the deep end will be remembered as a contest highlight. As will his slam to flat while trying to kickflip melon into the bowl. Mateu stood up and then threw up the horns, and the crowd erupted in support.

Ivan Federico. Photo: Kanights

Cory Juneau, on the other hand, was the epitome of calm control while skating the crap out of every corner bowl. Juneau showcase his signature tricks including a frontside boardslide and later a frontside bluntslide around the deep end, a backside air to noseblunt and a lofty frontside flip on the mellow quarterpipe. Juneau’s second run scored him an 81, but in the end would fall just short of the last run for the night.

Heimana Reynolds. Photo: MRZ

Pedro Barros qualified in first for the Final, so he had the privilege of dropping in last to end the evening. Despite already having impressed the judges and fans to seemingly no end, Barros bettered his already amazing runs on his final go. Complete with two massive 540s, the largest frontside air of the evening and even a pair of regular and switch back disasters in his run to round things out and take the win.


Jaime Mateu. Photo: MRZ
Alessandro Mazzura. Photo: MRZ

“This is an important year for skateboarding,” stated Barros in all seriousness after he destroyed the course. “The same way the Olympics can be beautiful, it can be a nightmare to some people in the industry. We are trying to represent skateboarding the way it really is, and I am stoked to be a part of it.”

Men’s park podium winners: Pedro Barros in first place (middle), Cory Juneau in second (left), and Keegan Palmer in third (right). Photo: Ortiz

Men’s Park Final Results 

1.) Pedro Barros, BRA 84.00
2.) Cory Juneau, USA 81.00
3.) Keegan Palmer, AUS 75.00
4.) Luiz Francisco, BRA 74.16
5.) Ivan Federico, ITA 74.00
6.) Heimana Reynolds, USA 73.66
7.) Jaime Mateu, ESP 69.00
8.) Alessandro Mazzara, ITA 65.33

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