The final day of the Dew Tour began with even more snow, with 8” in the last 24 hours, and 37” in the last 72 hours. Although the new snow complicated the conditions of the course, the weather lightened up and the sun started to shine in everyone’s second run, increasing confidence, giving the riders the chance to really boost their amplitude. 

Noah Bowman
Photo Credit: Durso
Noah Bowman

As was the case with the Women’s Modified Superpipe presented by Toyota, the men were judged on amplitude, technicality, and the overall smoothness of their skiing.

Gus Kenworthy
Photo Credit: Durso
Gus Kenworthy

Gus Kenworthy, who has recently switched over to representing Great Britain, put down a clean and technical run with a switch 12 that slid him into first place with a 92.66. Kenworthy is no stranger to Slopestyle, holding the silver medal from the Sochi Olympics for the United States in 2014. This background is certainly beneficial when it comes to a modified pipe as opposed to a traditional, and he was able to put down two heavy runs, despite having some difficulties during yesterday’s Men’s Slopestyle Finals.

Nico Porteous
Photo Credit: Sklar
Nico Porteous

“I’ve been struggling a little bit, so I’m very stoked to put down a run. I’m pretty happy with my performance and happy with my score,” Kenworthy noted. 

Birk Irving

Kenworthy maintained the first place spot for much of the contest until Noah Bowman threw down a switch left alley-oop dub flat safety and scored a 95.00 in his third and final run, securing the win.

Alex Ferreira

The final podium would see Kenworthy in second place with a 92.66, and the kiwi Nico Porteous taking third with an 88.00.

Aaron Blunck

“I try to do things a little differently, if I see a lot of forward tricks going down, I’ll change it up and try to put down some more switch stuff.” – Noah Bowman


David Wise

Men’s Ski Toyota Modified Superpipe Final Results

1.) Noah Bowman, 95.00
2.) Gus Kenworthy, 92.66
3.) Nico Porteous, 88.00
4.) Birk Irving, 87.33
5.) Alex Ferreira, 85.00
6.) Aaron Blunck, 84.33
7.) Hunter Hess, 80.00
8.) David Wise, 75.33
9.) Brendan Mackay, 70.00
10.) Lyman Currier, 42.00

David Wise
Brendan Mackay
Lyman Currier

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