Undeniably one of the best styles in skateboarding, Mami Tezuka has a knack for making the biggest parks and the steepest backyard pools gracefully manageable. Not only rocking any terrain that comes across her path, she also likes to rock out to bands like The Clash, 4 Non Blonde, Ramones, and plenty of others. In Mami’s latest interview, we learn where her music influences stem from, the video edits that have influenced her the most, and a hand-curated playlist of her favorite songs, all in On Rotation.

What’s your favorite type of music?
I listen to multiple types of music like, I love jazz and rock.

Where do those influences come from?
My parents used to listen to Japanese rock a lot. When I was young, I listened to those Japanese rock bands. Then I watched a lot of skate videos. Those had a lot of punk rock. I also play the piano, so I love jazz and classical music.

So you have a background in music with playing the piano. Is that the only instrument you can play?
Mostly piano and miniature piano.

Mami Tezuka On Rotation
Photo Credit: Muller

You mentioned watching skate videos with punk rock. Were those skate videos that you were watching from Japan?
It was all types of skate videos.

What video was your favorite to watch growing up?
I used to watch P-Stone’s (RIP) edits a lot. So I remember watching Antihero, Vox, Volcom, Krooked, and Toy machine.

What bands are you currently listening to? Can you name some of them?
That’s a tough one. So many bands. I love 4 Non Blondes, The Clash, Smashing Pumpkins, Ramones, The Cry, and Black Sabbath.

Do you ever like to listen to music while you skate?
Yes, I’ll listen to music while skating.

Is that with headphones on, or do you like it on a speaker?
With the speaker up all the way. Yeah, I can’t—I mean, I don’t really listen to music with headphones while skating. It’s like, I want to hear the sound of skating.

Mami Tezuka On Rotation
Photo Credit: Dangaard

Is that the same for when you’re competing? Do you ever listen to music with headphones to get in the zone?

Let’s talk about your recent part, Destiny with Blood Wizard. What’s the process like finding the right song to use?
Carl Harris (Mami’s agent): Chris Gregson shares the song with her, and then she gets to give her input on the song. If it’s something she’s not into, she’ll be like, “No, let’s try something else.”

Here my the last question for you, Mami. If you could pick any song for your next video rights-free, what would be your dream song?
Wow, that’s a tough one (laughs) if I can use a Japanese rock song that I used to listen to or something like Black Sabbath.

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