Closing out the first night of Dew Tour Copper 2024 was Men’s Ski Streetstyle under pristine conditions and with a palpable amount of adrenaline in the air. Between the buzz of the crowd following the DJ duo, Ship Wrek, and the instant gratification of watching a streetstyle run from top to bottom, the celebration of 20 years of Dew Tour was off to an all-time start.

Clear skies, cool temps and fast snow set a perfect stage for streetstyle athletes and fans alike. The four jib sections that made up the course offered an endless number of unique approaches—all viewable to the crowd below without the need to scale up and down the hill. Spectators were so close to the action they literally felt the spray (at least) from every run.

Dew Tour 2024 Ski
Photo Credit: Durso
The crowd packed in tight for the Men’s Ski Streetstyle Final.

With an updated format from years past, streetstyle consisted of three rounds. The contest opened with a Round 1 field of 12 placed into 4-person heats with only the top two from each advancing after being allotted three runs. Then, with six skiers remaining, Round 2 saw three head-to-head matchups and two runs per rider. The advancing three made up the final Round 3 and took two runs each. The judging was be based on overall impressions and scored from 1-100.

In the first heat of the event, Alex Hall pulled a switch 270 on Tokyo drift slide backside switch-up to forward. That single trick earned the respect of the judges and was nearly the best of the event and a staple of Alex’s runs, though his first was the best.

Dew Tour 2024 Ski
Photo Credit: Kiyooka
Alex Hall handling business at the bottom of the course for the fans on the Mountain Dew Baja Blast rails.

In the second heat Sam Zahner earned the best trick of the event with a frontside 360 switch-up to pretzel 270 out. Sam may have stomped the best trick of the event but it was not enough to advance him.

Another standout trick came in heat 3 from Oscar Weary. Oscar sent a GIANT transfer from the Dew Tour wall to far rider’s right rail. An instant favorite for all, but again not enough to push him into Round 2. The same can be said for Harald Hellström’s one foot safety grab nugget on the U.S. Airforce waterfall rail.

The standout in Round 2 was Mat Dufresne against Tucker Fitzsimmons. His switch 450 onto the wallride and continuing 450 off. Another massive crowd pleaser.

It all came down to Round 3, and it was once again between last year’s defending podium of Colby Stevenson, Tucker Fitzsimons and Alex Hall. The pivotal run of the Round belonged to Tucker, who picked up the nickname Tuckleberry Finn by Tanner Hall working as a commentator. Tucker rode incredible the entire event. He was fast and technical from the beginning but on his second run he slipped up, leaving Colby with a victory lap and a repeat win. In fact, the entire podium was a repeat to 2023.

Dew Tour 2024 Ski
Photo Credit: Durso
Tucker Fitzsimons on the Mountain Dew Tour Baja Blast flat down rails with all eyes on him.

Colby’s final and best run earned a 96. From start to finish it went: Right 270 on the first rail then a left nosebutter 450 pretzel 270 up top on the Dew Tour section, to set up for switch on frontside switch-up to backside switch-up to forward off the Woodward warming hut. On the second half of the course he went 180 switch 270 continuing 270 on the U.S. Airforce rails, and finished his run with a frontside switch-up continuing 450 off the Mountain Dew Baja Blast

 “I’m really stoked! Dew Tour has been a huge one for me my whole life,” said Colby after earning the win. He also won in slopestyle the in 2021. “My first Dew Tour, when I was 16, I ended up crashing last run of practice, breaking my thumb and not being able to compete—I was so gutted. Anyway, that was 10 years ago… I really wanted this.”

Colby Stevenson locked in on the Dew Tour rails on the top of Streetstyle.

Elaborating on what it took to win, “I was stoked because yesterday I hit my head pretty hard (cracking his helmet) and missed some training. I showed up today really motivated because I need to get my stuff [dialed in] and then it all came together.”

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Dew Tour 2024 Men’s Ski Streetstyle Final Results

  1. Colby Stevenson (USA) Run 2: 96.00
  2. Tucker Fitzsimons (USA) Run 1: 90.00
  3. Alex Hall (USA) Run 2: 84.00

Colby Stevenson Winning Ski Streetstyle Runs Dew Tour 2024

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