Legends and phenoms plus best trick and big air—to close out the 2024 weekend celebrating 20 years of Dew Tour was a combined snowboard and ski Superpipe session of epic proportions. The conditions, perfect.


Format wise, this contest was unlike any other this weekend. Beyond mixing sports, genders, and legends with today’s best, the Celebration Jam allowed for 30 minutes of a free-for-all following the opening runs from each of the legends in attendance. Once underway, the judges were on the ground with cash in hand to pass off at their discretion.

Dew Tour 2024 Superpipe
Photo Credit: Kiyooka
Danny Davis

“It’s always fun to have a sunny halfpipe and to have all the homies that I don’t get to see as much anymore back riding in the ditch together again,” said Danny Davis, a true legend of Dew Tour. It’s a great way to cap off Dew Tour.”


Blurring the lines between sports, age, and ability, the Superpipe jam brought out the best of the best such as Danny Davis, Scotty Lago, Danny Kass, Devin Logan, Mike Riddle, Tom Wallisch, and Tanner Hall to represent as legends. In addition to the legends, any other athlete that competed this weekend was welcomed to join.

Dew Tour 2024 Superpipe
Photo Credit: Durso
Nick Goepper

“I love calling tricks and watching skiing from the booth but it’s not the same as being out there on the slopes yourself,” said Tom after commentating all weekend and then taking his skis down the pipe. “I’m not much of a halfpipe rider, never was, but I’ll tell you what, the vibe in the Dew Tour crowd made it so fun to get back in the pipe and just send it for the crowd.”


So, what went down? A LOT. Here’s a breakdown of a few of our favorite highlights.


Dew Tour 2024 Superpipe
Photo Credit: Durso
Danny Kass

Danny Kass landed his signature Kasserole 720. When asked how he prepared for the day Danny said jokingly, “I’ve been training other people all year, so I feel super ready.”

Danny Kass

Scotty earned the attention of the crowd with some of his signature style as well. Scotty’s lien air not only pleased the spectators but impressed the judges enough to earn him the Nixon Timeless Trick award.

Scotty Lago

“I’m always excited to ride a perfect halfpipe and I’m honored to be sharing the legend status with Danny Davis, Danny Kass and the rest of the crew,” said a modest Scotty. “I’m just stoked to be in that category!”

Scotty Lago and son, Ryder.

The Hirano brothers Ayumu and Kaishu were upping the amplitude with every pass down the pipe. Ayumu landed a HUGE air to fakie, which was arguably the most difficult and terrifying trick of the day. However, it was Kaishu that logged the largest air of the day. Kaishu’s monster method measured as high as 19 feet, nine inches!

Kaishu Hirano

Yuto Totsuka whipped out a backside melon pop tart 1440, an easy-on-the-eyes trick that had everyone showing praise.


On the ski side was a competition first, although not in a typical event. Alex Ferreira returned after his win the day before to land the 1800 that eluded him. With the bib on and the judges present, it was officially a competition NBD no more.

Nick Goepper

“That’s the cherry and the whipped cream on top! God Damn!” said Alex, referring to his 1800. “The format was amazing! So much fun riding with snowboarders, skiers, men, women—it was absolutely fantastic. What a pleasure… This is about as good as it gets. This is Colorado prime time.”


Another notable from the skiers, Brendan Mackay blasted 19 feet, seven inches out of the pipe. Danger levels were high with that one, but so was his composure.

Brendan Mackay

“It’s nice to be here talking about what I love most and watching the best in the world,” said Tanner, who was also commentating throughout the weekend before entering the jam. “This is amazing: We’re getting good weather and seeing all these old friends of mine, and then seeing Ayumu do what he did today, Alex do what he did yesterday, it’s just awesome. I’m so hyped.”


“It was super fun getting the invite email for the OG pipe jam,” commented Devin Logan, a Dew Tour legend of both Slopestyle and Superpipe. “Now considering myself an OG—it’s kind of funny looking back on it with all the fun I’ve had here at Dew Tour. So, I figured, I got the invite, let’s go back and do it one more time in the bib!”


With so much going on it was necessary to award a slew unique honors and prizes.


Dew Tour 2024 Celebration Superpipe Jam Awards

Nixon Old Timer Award: Tanner Hall

Nixon Timeless Trick: Scotty Lago lien air

Nixon Best Time Award – Ski: Nick Goepper

Nixon Best Time Award – Snowboard: Danny Davis

Pacifico Anchors UP – Ski MVP:  Mike Riddle

Pacifico Anchors UP – Snowboard MVP: Danny Kass

USAF High Air – Ski: 19’7” Brendan Mackay

USAF High Air – Snowboard: 19’9” Kaishu Hirano


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