Straight to the point, Curren Caples has special access to celebrity bars in Hollywood and New York. We didn’t expect it either, but, sure enough, one brass key and one square medallion lied on his loop and they offered access to places unlike any keys we had ever encountered while conducting Pocket Lint interviews.

However, the first two things we noticed on his ring were not actually keys at all but rather flat and Phillips screwdrivers. The two black tools were gifts from his mom. Shaped with similar dimension enough surface to grip while cranking, but they were rather slender and shaped in a way so not to stick out from any other key on the ring.

“I guess Kanye’s got a key, Post Malone and a bunch of other people have them. I think they made a hundred and something of them.” — Curren Caples

Next to be noticed was a fob to his Range Rover Sport and a seemingly standard brass key. The fob was actually a bit thrashed on one side, but still functioning. Normal enough. The brass key, it turned out, was anything but standard.

“I’ve got a key to the bar on top of The Roxy Theatre, it’s called ‘On The Rox,’” explained Curren. “I guess Kanye’s got a key, Post Malone and a bunch of other people have them. I think they made a hundred and something of them.”

At the end of a tiny chain hung a black square of metal with a rose emblem imprinted on it, Curren referred to it as a key as well, it allowed him access to a place called The Flower Shop in New York.

Curren Caples

Next to the various keys to celebrity watering hole keys on either side of the country lied Curren’s black, leather Prada wallet. He admitted to having spent more on this wallet than any he owned previously, but he was very pleased with the product after a solid four years of use it had yet to see any tears or separation.

“It’s wearing in nice.”

Then there was Curren’s iPhone, it was the X Max and he had it equipped with a battery charging case. Curren explained that even though the case was light and added two days worth of life to his battery, he bought it reluctantly.

Curren Caples
Photo Credit: Ray Zimmerman

“When I got this phone I randomly decided to get Apple Care for it. It was the first time that I had ever gotten Apple Care on a phone!” Said an excited Curren, but that excitement quickly faded. “I decided to run my phone without a case, but then I broke the screen on the third day of having it. When I went in to get it fixed they told me Apple Care only covered one more free fix… so, I decided to run a case.”

While wrapping up on the iPhone, Curren swiped on the device to show us a few photos of his still a secret skate project called ‘Modern Lines.’

“No, no. It is going to be a private thing,” clarified Curren when asked if it was going to be open to the public. “Hopefully it works out well enough and it becomes a contest series one of these days.”

Curren Caples
Photo Credit: Chris Ortiz

At the time, Curren was in the middle of planning things out with Mountain Dew to create a one-of-a-kind course inside an empty warehouse where he and his friends could design their dream runs.

“I’m super stoked on Mountain Dew for giving me the opportunity to come up with a course that really shows everything about skateboarding.”

A few short months later and the project just aired on ABC last weekend. If you haven’t seen the edit yet, watch it below!

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