2019 USA National Championships Skateboarding Park and Street Results

Dashawn Jordan
Photo Credit: Ortiz
Dashawn Jordan dialed in the street park at the CA Training Facility for a first-place finish.

The inaugural 2019 USA National Championships kicks off the remaining Olympic season for American skateboarders at the CA Training Facility in Vista, California. Men and women, park and street disciplines all received points that will count towards season two of Olympic qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games.

Mariah Duran
Photo Credit: Ortiz
Mariah Duran keeps steady footwork to make it across and down the double kink rail.

Dashawn Jordan, Maurio McCoy, and Louie Lopez take the top three podium spots respectively in the men’s street competition. The women’s street podium was taken by Mariah Duran in first, Alexis Sablone in second, and Samarria Brevard in third.

Bryce Wettstein
Photo Credit: Ortiz
Bryce Wettstein taking her backside feeble around the deep end corner of the bowl.

Moving over to the park portion of the competition, the women’s podium had Bryce Wettstein, Kody Tamanaha, and Minna Stess in first second and third. Closing out the day’s competition was the men’s park final. In first place came Tristan Rennie, Heimana Reynolds in second, and Liam Pace in third.

In full attack mode, Tristan Rennie blasts a 540 no problem making for a winning run.

Scroll down below to see who competed in the 2019 USA National Championship and for full results.

Men’s Street USA National Championship Final Results

Dashawn Jordan in first place (middle), Maurio McCoy in second (left), and Louie Lopez in third (right).
  1. Dashawn Jordan, 331.33
  2. Maurio McCoy, 294.01
  3. Louie Lopez, 285.00
  4. Chris Joslin, 282.67
  5. Austin Heilman, 267.99
  6. Domnick Walker, 255.66
  7. Justin Ladner, 193.67
  8. Zeke Duran, 14.34

Women’s Street USA National Championship Final Results

Mariah Duran takes first place (middle), Alexis Sablone in second (left), and Samarria B
  1. Mariah Duran, 155.00
  2. Alexis Sablone, 130.78
  3. Samarria Brevard, 116.67
  4. Lacey Baker, 107.74
  5. Kendra Long, 100.00
  6. Alana Smith, 73.78
  7. Poe Pinson, 67.96
  8. Meagan Guy, 55.01
  9. Paige Heyn, 53.01
  10. Christine Cottam, 39.34

Men’s Park USA National Championship Final Results

2019 USA National Championships Men's Park Podium
Photo Credit: Ortiz

  1. Tristan Rennie, 81.20
  2. Heimana Reynolds, 80.72
  3. Liam Pace, 80.23
  4. Gavin Bottger, 79.16
  5. Josh Dirksen
  6. Beaver Fleming, 71.32
  7. Eamon Samojla, 66.16
  8. CJ Titus, 26.80

Women’s Park USA National Championship Final Results

2019 USA National Championships Women's Park Podium
Women’s park podium: Bryce Wettstein in first (middle), Kody Tamanaha in second (left), and Minna Stess
  1. Bryce Wettstein, 48.15
  2. Kody Tamanaha, 43.10
  3. Minna Stess, 39.18
  4. Brighton Zeuner, 36.39
  5. Ariana Carmona, 35.32
  6. Grace Marhoefer, 31.68
  7. Ruby Lilley, 29.87
  8. Jordan Santana, 28.13

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