Top 10 Photos from Photographer Mike Yoshida at Dew Tour Copper 2020

Words: Mike Yoshida
After a 2 year hiatus, I finally returned to the Dew Tour, one of my favorite contests to shoot.  The thing that sets Dew apart from the other competitions in snowboarding is their willingness to evolve their format and courses to push creativity within the riders, and that gives us spectators something to look forward to every year.   Also, the relocation to Copper was a really good move.  Being right on the mountain made for easy travel to and from the different contest zones, and of course, waking up to 3 feet of fresh definitely was a bonus. Some of my favorite moments happen before or after the actual banger action happens, and I included some of the celebratory highlights in my top 10 photos.  The in-between moments and weird angles tend to be my favorites. Enjoy my top 10 from Dew, and see you next year!

Brock Crouch
Photo Credit: Yoshida
The look on Brock’s face says it all. Eternal gratitude for landing on the podium is seen in his face, and there’s no doubt Jake would’ve been so proud.
Yuto Totsuka
Photo Credit: Yoshida
Jumbotrons are always so fascinating to me. At night they are left on, illuminating the falling snow and features. I had to figure out a way to squeeze it into a shot, and this final run of Yuto’s made for a good opportunity.
Benny Milam
Photo Credit: Yoshida
The turnout for Streetstyle was amazing, and the energy from the crowd made for an electric setting. Benny was ripping, and the drop down barrier was a favorite amongst the riders.
After exhausting the wide-angle deck photos of the pipe, I took a step back with my 400mm to capture the transition riders from afar. Jan Scherrer was definitely boosting massive airs the whole week.
Endless energy and positivity is something that Rene possesses. Having clinched the overall team win, Stale and Scotty give him a celebratory hoist.
Watching Danny put down this epic run was so insane, and Mark McMorris definitely agrees.
I don’t remember taking this photo, or why Danny is making the funny face in it, but it makes me laugh every time.
Day 1 of practice is where everyone is figuring out how the course works. Stale had it dialed right away with this stylish no grab frontside 180.
Valentino is growing up so quick, and it seemed just like yesterday he was a tiny kid chucking off everything. Keep your eyes peeled for this young gun, he has a bright future ahead of him.
Sometimes it’s nice to keep the photo simple. Max’s style really shines in this gap to front board.

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