Friday afternoon got underway with the top 24 amateur transition skaters battling it out on the bowl. There were a select few that were pre-qualified, but the majority of the skaters got into the 2017 Dew Tour through the Podium Skate app.

The skaters were sorted into 4 heats of 6, and skaters jammed in as many runs as they could.

One of the coolest things about the Am contest is that you get so witness such a wide diversity of skaters. The semifinals, for example, ranged in age from 13 year olds (CJ Collins, and Asher Bradshaw, and Tyson Zane, to 27 year olds (Dakota Olave, Bali Mosberg, and Zeppe Heyes). Everyone skated their hearts out, but at the end of the session, only the top 11 get to advance to the finals tomorrow.

1.) Roman Pabich (82.00)

2.) Keegan Palmer (80.20)

3.) CJ Collins (77.00)

4.) Tate Carew (76.20)

5.) Mikee O’Friell (76.00)

6.) Jake Wooten (75.00)

7.) Gavin Bottger (74.40)

8.) Jett Eaton (72.20)

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