Dew Tour Experience 2017: The Rainbow Lagoon

Maybe you’ve walked the Long Beach Convention Center grounds already. Maybe you’ve gotten to watch the gnarliest skating up close. The tech course, rails course, gaps course, and bowl are all taking some serious punishment from the best pros and ams in the world. But there’s so much more that Dew Tour Long Beach 2017 has to offer.

First-time snowboarders take to the makeshift hill on the Rainbow Lagoon for a Dew Tour Experience they won’t soon forget. Photo: Ferdig

Once you’ve checked out the skateable sculpture garden, and the public skate course, take a stroll into the Long Beach Convention Center’s Rainbow Lagoon. This is where the Cam’Ron concert goes down, but during the day it’s bustling with activity. With food (and beer!) vendors, and pop-up sponsor activities, there’s lots to do—in between heats, of course.

Bear Mountain’s first-timer slope is one of many free activities at Dew Tour Long Beach 2017. Photo: Ferdig

Believe it or not, Bear Mountain set up a booth, just to the right of the main stage, and to the left of the Art of Doing exhibit. There, on a slight incline, they packed a 200-foot mini slope for first-time snowboarders to clip in, and give it a try. You read that right—they made a HILL OF SNOW. I know, I didn’t believe it, either. But it’s just one of dozens of activities available to the public at the Dew Tour Long Beach 2017, so come on down, bring your board, and check it all out.

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