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Country: Canada

Hometown: Whitby, Ontario

Date of Birth: October 26, 1991

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Tech Deck, Red Bull, eS Shoes, Bones Bearings, Bones Wheels, OC Ramps, Tensor Trucks, BN3TH, Jessup, Swatch, ALC eyewear

Tj Rogers—less commonly known as Timothy James Poulin—or Teej to some of his closest homies has been a staple of the Canadian skate scene for years and is only getting better. There is something about skaters that come from Canada in that they are extremely nice, but TJ is probably the nicest of them all. When it comes to his skating, however, nice would simply be an understatement. TJ skates with authority and has some of the loftiest pop in all of skateboarding. Something about the way TJ does his tricks allows him to appear airborne slightly longer than the rest, then throw in his technical prowess and he truly stands out. In 2011, TJ definitely stood out in front of his entire homeland when he took the win at the Damn Am Canada contest. A few years later he stood out again with one seriously heavy am part in the Blind Skateboards video “Damn…” where he stomped the part-ending switch 360 down the Hollywood 16 hammer that earned him respect far and wide. It was no surprise when he turned pro the following year. Still, TJ is continuing to impress. TJ’s part in the 2016 RDS flick “Enter the Red Dragon” showed him skating on a never-before-seen level of clean control paired perfectly with his well-recognized high snaps. With that part as the proof, TJ shows absolutely no signs of slowing his roll on a skateboard.

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