Riley Hawk

Riley Hawk

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Country: United States

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Date of Birth: December 6, 1992

Riley Hawk may be the son of the most famous skateboarder on earth, but he is carving out his own path in the sport and ensuring that the Hawk name inspires another generation of riders. He skated for Birdhouse early in his career, but when Andrew Reynolds asked him to ride for Baker in 2012 after winning The Skateboard Mag‘s Am of the Year Award, he jumped at the chance. After cutting his teeth in the Shep Dawgs video, the 50-50 down a huge “C” rail at the end of his part in TransWorld‘s Outliers put to rest any doubts of his hammer dropping ability. He turned pro for Baker in 2013 and Lakai released his first pro model shoe in 2015. Riley hasn’t spent much time on the contest circuit, but he finished fourth at the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships in 2014 and placed 14th at X-Games Austin the same year.

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