Katie Ormerod

Katie Ormerod

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Country: United Kingdom

Hometown: Yorkshire, England

Date of Birth: August 25, 2017

No-fear for Katie Ormerod of England, she proven that much to be clear. However, proving your ability on a snowboard in the UK is no easy feat. Dedication and a lot of time training indoors at her local dry slope is what allowed Ormerod to excel. That mentality of dedicated training and utilizing all facilities likely stems from her early childhood in gymnastics, and it continues to pay off. In 2014, Ormerod flipped her way into snowboarding history by becoming the first female to land a double cork 1080. How did she do it? Hard work and lots of training. Ormerod perfected her rotations in the foam pits of Woodward Copper before taking it to the hill. With loads of British Big Air and Slopestyle titles to her name, Ormerod’s career is just getting started and everyone is excited to see what she will do next.

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