Yndiara Asp and Pedro Barros Claim Back-to-Back Wins at Vans Park Series Montreal

Pedro Barros VPS Montreal
Photo Credit: Dan Mathieu
Pedro Barros, frontside stalefish.

Coming off of a home country victory, Yndiara Asp and Pedro Barros take first place again at the third stop of the 2019 Vans Park Series Pro Tour in Montreal.

Yndiara Asp VPS Montreal
Photo Credit: Mike Burnet
Yndiara Asp, frontside feeble.

Montreal lost it during Pedro’s third and final run as he pumps through corners and airs over coping faster and further. Pedro was rewarded with a 91.50 surpassing Cory Juneau who finished in second with an 88.50 and trailing behind them was Tristan Rennie with 81.73 in third place.

Cory Juneau VPS Montreal
Photo Credit: Dan Mathieu
Cory Juneau, frontside kickflip.
Jordyn Barratt, boneless.

Yndiara Asp held onto a solid run that launched into first place with a score of 87.20. Joining Yndiara on the podium was Jordyn Barratt in second with an 85.30 and Lizzie Armanto in third with a 78.33.

Tristan Rennie, frontside Smith stale.
Lizzie Armanto, backside boneless.

2019 VPS Montreal Men’s Winning Runs

Pedro Barros

Cory Juneau

Tristan Rennie

2019 VPS Montreal Women’s Winning Runs

Yndiara Asp

Jordyn Barratt

Lizzie Armanto

2019 VPS Results Men’s Pro Tour, Montreal

Men’s podium winners: First place Pedro Barros (middle), second place Cory Juneau (right), and third place Tristan Rennie (left).
  1. Pedro Barros, BRA 91.50
  2. Cory Juneau, USA 88.50
  3. Tristan Rennie, USA 81.73

2019 VPS Results Women’s Pro Tour, Montreal

Women’s podium winners: first place Yndiara Asp (middle), second place Jordyn Barrarr (right), and third place Lizzie Armanto (left).
  1. Yndiara Asp, BRA 87.20
  2. Jordyn Barratt, USA 85.30
  3. Lizzie Armanto, USA 78.33

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