Vote for the Playstation Pro Moment

Vote for the Playstation Pro Moment

In the event anybody’s thumbs got a little frost-bitten in Breckenridge, we’re extending our voting deadline for the PlayStation Pro Moment to Monday the 5th.

This way you’ll have just enough time to grab one of those insta-heat packets, warm up the fingies, and click to watch each of the six contending athletes throw down from men’s and women’s snowboarding and freeskiing. There within are the disciplines of Slopestyle and Superpipe, which, all together, comprise one voting option according to gender, stoke, and terrain.

Even though we’re as smart as you are (natch, barely), we’re playing it safe by handing over winner-picking responsibilities to you guys. After you’ve clicked through all six videos (watch Bobby Brown loft a kangaroo flip, Simon Dumont huck a 9, Andreas Wiig stretch a switch 12, Bev Vuilleumier toss a front 7, Scotty Lago hurl a front 9, and Gretchen Bleiler offer her own take on the front 9), cast your vote. How? You can do it one of two ways: either right here online, or text “vote” to 3331 on your Verizon Wireless phone. Capiche? Each of the three winning athletes of the PlayStation Pro Moments will receive $5,000, a PLAYSTATION® 3, and a library of games.

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