Under the Gun: Tyler Hendley

For this installment of Under The Gun, we caught up with Oakley rider Tyler Hendley to have him explain his tattoo of Chinese characters, money and a clock on his left forearm.

“Basically, my grandfather has had a Hendley family pocket watch in our family for a couple generations,” Hendley said. “He still holds on to it, but I got my own, you know? I got a copy of it, and then I kind of switched it up. I made it half compass, half watch, so it’s like North, South, East and West and then the time in betweeen.


“The time that I put on it is 4:28 because April 2, 4/2, is my father’s birthday and then the 8th is mine, so I tied it in like that.

“And then the Chinese one I got actually in Shanghai, China. And the first symbol means Libra and then the symbol under it is the definition, which is equality, proportion and balance. And like Libra, scales and balance, I skateboard, so it all ties together.

tyler                            tattoo

“And then the bottom one is reais, which is the dollar for Brazil. I was in Rio and it was my first trip there, first time to Brazil, and anybody that knows me knows I’m about money. You know, I just love it, I love everything about it. I would have got dollars put on me, but that would have been a little cheesy. Now it’s like people don’t really know, ya know? I kind of wrote it out how I wanted it, and then just added a dollar sign on the S.

tattoo                            tyler

“China was first, and then Brazil was second, and then the clock/compass was my last one and I got it at home. I’m going to get more little things from around the world, and that kind of just ties it all together. I travel the world for a living, and I don’t really know what time it is.”


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