Under the Gun: Josh Hult

For this installment of Under the Gun, we caught up with BMXer Josh Hult to have him explain his wedding ring tattoo.

josh hult

“Riding all the time, my hand would always get big blisters where my wedding ring would hit my knuckle,” Hult said. “It drove me nuts, and I wanted to be able to rock something, so I just got it tattooed on there so I wouldn’t have to wear my ring anymore.”

“My wife was really psyched. It was my first tattoo, I didn’t have any other ones, and she was pretty pumped that I decided to get it done. She’s still pretty excited about it.”

josh hult

“I got it done all the way around so it would be a whole ring, but I had to ride a show the next day and the back of it wore off. I have to get it touched up because there are a couple of little blemishes on the sides too. I’ve only had it for about three weeks though.”

“The red isn’t really symbolic of anything, I just liked the dark colors and I wanted to do a dark red. It’s the color I like, and I wanted to do something that wasn’t just black.”

Under the Gun: Josh Hult

But there’s no plans for his wife to get a matching one. “I spent a lot on her ring, she better wear it.” Hult said.

Check out Josh’s winning run from last year’s Nike 6.0 BMX Open


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