Tom Schaar 3-Peats at 15th Annual Vans Pool Party

Three in a row! Tom Schaar takes first place in the Pro Division at the 15th annual Vans Pool Party. Following right behind Schaar is 2014 Vans Pool Party winner Tristan Rennie and in third place hailing all the way from Osaka, Japan Moto Shibata.

Tom Schaar / Monster Energy
Tom Schaar. Photo: Shigeo (Click to enlarge)

Schaar made history by winning the event for the third consecutive year in a row and the fourth time in his young career. No stranger to intense competition, Schaar hit every wall in the Combi with massive aerials and technical lip tricks on his first run of the day: A long frontside tailslide through the round corner, floating backside ollie, massive backside tailgrab 540, huge kickflip Indy in the deep end, frontside blunt over the hip section, frontside feeble grind through the square corner, highly technical kickflip backside lipslide in the deep end, and a high-flying backside melon 540 put Schaar on top of the leaderboard with a 95.00-point score.

“This is still the best contest ever and always will be! The best part is that it’s my home turf, I live 45 minutes away and can skate the Combi whenever I want. Thanks to everyone who came and watched the contest today,” said Schaar upon winning the 2019 Vans Pool Party.

Tristan Rennie. Photo: Ortiz (Click to enlarge)

Rennie makes it into the final with top shelf maneuvers and the pressure is stacks up as he goes into his fourth and final run tied with Tom Schaar. Unfortunately, unable to break over a score of 94, Rennie takes second place in the finals. As for Shibata, his raw tricks, style and consistency earn him a 94.00 in his third run in the finals bumping legendary skater Bucky Lasek into fourth place.

Podium winners: Tom Schaar in first (middle), Tristan Rennie in second (right), and Moto Shibata in third (left). Photo: Ortiz (Click to enlarge)

Without a doubt, the Vans Pool Party provides a contest like no other with competitors spanning over multiple generations in the legendary Combi Pool.

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