The Breckenridge PlayStation Pro Moment

The Breckenridge PlayStation Pro Moment

Okay okay! Those insta-heat packets must have done the trick because your votes for the Breckenridge stage of the Playstation Pro Moments came streaming in and, low and behold, it is Bobby Brown’s Kangeroo Flip at the Ski Slopestyle Final that has earned your respect.

We called up Bobby and he was so hyped we thought he was going to climb through our phone to bear-hug us:
“It’s awesome to win the first Pro Moment at the first Winter Dew Tour. I’m so glad it all came together and I was able to pull the Kangaroo Flip. Thank you!”

Bobby’s Kangaroo Flip was appraised against stiff competition by Simon Dumont, Andreas Wiig, Bev Vuilleumier, Scotty Lago, and Gretch Bleiler.

Remember, you can vote one of two ways: either right here online, or text “vote” to 3331 on your Verizon Wireless phone. Capiche? Each of the three winning athletes of the Playstation Pro Moment will receive $5,000, a PLAYSTATION® 3, and a library of games.

But don’t text us yet, dum-dum, because the Mount Snow-stage is just getting underway and we still don’t know who will pull what when where nor how.

Stayed updated here at to see which athletes we’ll pit against each other for the Mount Snow-stop of the Playstation Pro Moment.


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