Skateboard Street Olympic Qualifying Update: Nyjah Huston and Pamela Rosa in the Lead

Pamela Rosa 1_Womens Street Final_STRAND
Landing first place at the SLS Olympic qualifier in London and at Dew Tour Long Beach, Pamela Rosa from Brazil currently leads the pack in points for the women in street skateboarding. Photo: Strand

The Dew Tour Long Beach competition marks as the second Olympic skateboard street qualifier for the 2019 season. After a long weekend of competition, it’s Aurelien Giraud from France and Pamela Rosa from Brazil who lead in Olympic skateboarding street rankings for the men and women.

2019 Dew Tour Street men’s podium winners: Aurelien Giraud (middle), Sora Shirai in second (left), and Felipe Gustavo in third (right). Photo: Ortiz

Olympic qualifying for skateboarding is underway, as Dew Tour held the first 5-star qualifying event for street and park skateboarding in the USA. Both finals in men and women’s street saw all international skateboarders from Frances, Japan, Australia, and the Netherlands.

2019 Dew Tour Long Beach Women’s Street finalist: Pamela Rosa in first (middle), Leticia Bufoni in second (left), and Candy Jacobs in third (right). Photo: Durso

So what does this mean for athletes from other counties in hope to make it to Tokyo in 2020? In short, they still have a chance to rack up as many points as they can at the up and coming qualifying events such as the SLS in Los Angles, CA (July 23-28, 2019) and in Mexico City (September 18-22, 2019), the ISO of Street Skateboarding in Qingfeng, China (September 3-8, 2019), and the STU World Championships in Sao Paulo, Brazil (September 10-15, 2019).

SLS London men’s podium winners: Nyjah Huston in first (middle), Gustavo Ribeiro in second (left) and Shane O’Neill in third (right). Photo: Shigeo

Here’s a look at how the women and men street skateboarders stack up in rank and points after the 2019 Dew Tour 5-star street Olympic qualifying competition.


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SLS London Women Podium winners: Pamela Rosa in first (middle), Hayley Wilson in second (left), and Rayssa Leal in third (right).

Women’s Street Olympic World Skateboarding Rankings

1.) Pamela Rosa, BRA 100,000
2.) Hayley Wilson, AUS 47,500
3.) Leticia Bufoni, BRA 41,280
4.) Candy Jacobs, NED 23,250
5.) Rayssa Leal, BRA 23,050
6.) Aori Nishimura, JPN 21,130
7.) Yumeka Oda, JPN 11,680
8.) Funa Nakayama, JPN 11,640
9.) Mariah Duran, USA 7,710
10.) Alexis Sablone, USA 7,410
11.) Lacey Baker, USA 6,930
12.) Jenn Soto, USA 2,990

View the full Women’s Olympic World Skateboarding Street Ranking HERE.

Men’s Street Olympic World Skateboarding Rankings

1.) Nyjah Huston, USA 65,900
2.) Gustavo Ribeiro, POR 43,300
3.) Aurelien Giraud, FRA 40,460
4.) Sora Shirai, JPN 32,850
5.) Kelvin Hoefler, BRA 26,480
6.) Matt Berger, USA 22,560
7.) Felipe Gustavo, BRA 14,850
8.) Ivan Monteiro, BRA 5,570
9.) Yuto Horigome, JPN 2,920
10.) Jake Ilardi, USA 2,840
11.) Chris Joslin, USA 2,660
12.) Dashawn Jordan, USA 2,410

View the full Men’s Olympic World Skateboarding Street Ranking HERE.

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