Roster Ready for Vert Finals

If this morning is any indication of the things to come, Dew Tour newcomers are going to be a dominant force this season.

With only seven spots available in today’s finals, 17 skaters took to the vert ramp for a chance to advance.

Of the seven that made the final cut, four of them competed in yesterday’s open qualifiers, showing that the Dew Tour has room for both the established talent of Sandro Dias and Adam Taylor and the new blood of Pedro Barros, Sam Beckett and Ronaldo Gomes.


1. Sandro Dias, 84.25
2. Pedro Barros, 83.00
3. Anthony Furlong, 77.75
4. Marcelo Bastos, 76.50
5. Adam Taylor, 76.00
6. Sam Beckett, 75.00
7. Ronaldo Gomes, 74.75

Full results can be found here.

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