Picture This: Jordan Hoffart

Picture This is an Alli feature designed to give you a peek into the lives of today’s top action sports athletes. For this installment, we sent skater and Powell pro Jordan Hoffart a random list of things to take pictures of with his camera and here’s what he sent back, complete with his thoughts on each shot:

front of house

A picture of the front of your house: I live in a complex called Cardiff by the Sea Apartments. Fancy name for a pretty average dwelling place. It does the trick though. Plus my roommate is one of my best friends and Team Manager over at Bones wheels, so it works.

contents of backpack

The contents of your backpack: My Isis backpack is my mobile house. I got bondo (with trowels and duct tape) for fixing cracks at spots, skate shoes, grip tape for an extra board (in case I break one), new wheels, sticker pack, iPhone, film, camera, Ladies Speed Stick (doesn’t leave white film on black shirts!), ChapStick, skate tool, grip tape cleaner, 9five glasses (HOFF edition), a book for road trips (“Shop Class as Soulcraft”), auxiliary cable for road trips, car keys, tensor bandage and medical tape for my ankles. I think I got it covered.


A room in your house: This is my shared living room/office/guest room. You can see we got a bed in the back for visitors (that we’ve never washed), the iMac set up, the big flat screen with Xbox 360, and the table I made out of old used Powell decks. Pretty psyched how it’s lookin’ these days.  

electronic gadget

Your favorite electronic gadget: This is the view of my computer/TV setup from my bed. It’s the best thing to fall asleep to. Definitely my favorite electronic purchase.


A photo of your pet: I don’t have a pet, but my homie drew this portrait of me with a unicorn/pegasus = pegacorn. Anyway it looks tight. And I look hyped in it.

meal     meal

A meal you ate that day: I usually have a smoothie every morning. I don’t really like to eat much when I wake up, so this is perfect. It’s a combo of fruits/berries, protein powder, L-glutamine powder, flax seed oil, and almond milk. May sound weird, but it fills me up and gives me a good amount of energy for the day.

self portrait

A picture with friends and/or family: This is a picture of myself with Chris Troy and his pops Randy in the man cave.  They are the illest and teach me huge amounts about my newly purchased ’71 Chevy Nova SS. Shop talk all night long.


The contents of your fridge: I got the essentials: beer, meat, beans, cheese, Monster, creamer, egg whites. I think there are some sprouts in there, but it could just be mold, ha.


collection     collection

One of your collections: The top one is my board wall. Its not really a collection just because I feel like since I get them for free, I don’t really need to collect; they just appear at my door, but it still looks tight on the wall. I also collect posters of all the tours I’ve been on and have all the riders sign them for me. I like looking back and remembering all the sick adventures I’ve been able to go on just because of skateboarding. It’s a huge blessing. I also have a small collection of Middle Eastern pieces, they don’t have any sort of religious meaning to me, per se, I just think they look tight and the lamps remind me of Aladdin, which was a tight flick.



A picture of your car: This is my car, it’s a 1971 Chevrolet Nova SS. I just had it repainted and am currently working on the interior. This has always been my dream car since I was a little kid, and now I have it looking just the way I pictured it. Definitely stoked on the whip.


Any random photo: This is my spirit animal WOLF oversized lighter. I got it in Texas. It’s f-ing huge! And I love it.


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